Ambunu 150g

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Ambunu is an old tradition from Africa. I discovered this tradition while talking with elder Chadian women. They told me that back in the day women use to wash their scalp with it and at the same time use it to detangle their hair.
The benefits of it comparing to other herbal shampoo like shikakai is that is it actually very slippery and can be use as a natural conditioner. This plant contain saponin which gives it its ability to cleanse and it is an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and an emollient.
How do you use Ambunu on hair?
To use Ambunu you just have to mix it with water, let it sit on his own for ten minutes until it becomes gooey, then put it on your hair rub it, detangle and rinse it off or leave it on.
This plant is actually still very commonly used among other nomadic women in the Sahel regions. They just name it differently according to their own dialect.